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Embargo Cigar Lounge: My Favorite Cigar Source

Embargo Cigar Lounge is quite simply the perfect place for cigar lovers in Phoenix. Situated right at the centre of the city, this is where you can indulge your love for fine tobacco with some of the most exclusive brands from around the world. From the moment you enter the luxurious interiors of Embargo, it's clear you're in for a special experience.

The lounge itself is spacious and well-appointed, with plush furniture that's perfect for a relaxing smoke. The décor is tasteful and timeless, with just enough Old-World charm to make you feel like you're in a classic smoking room. The lighting is low and moody, creating an atmosphere of quiet sophistication that's perfect for savoring your favorite cigar.

Of course, the real star of the show at Embargo is the cigars themselves. The lounge's humidor is filled with the highest-quality tobacco from Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and beyond. Whether you're a fan of smooth, mellow smokes or more robust, full-bodied flavors, there's something here for every palate.

One thing that makes Embargo really stand out is the staff. The team here is incredibly knowledgeable about all things cigar-related, and they're always happy to help you find the perfect smoke for your tastes. They're also skilled at suggesting pairings of high-end spirits, food, and desert to go with your cigars. Shout out to Chicken, thanks for all you do!!

Embargo Cigar Lounge also hosts some of the most exciting and exclusive cigar events in the state. The lounge has a clear commitment to ensuring that patrons always receive the highest quality smoking experience possible. From BBQs, Cut & Light Nights, to celebrity guest appearances, Embargo Cigar Lounge goes above and beyond to provide a truly memorable experience for its customers. With exceptional service and unbeatable ambiance,

Embargo Cigar Lounge sets itself apart as a top-notch destination for cigar aficionados who demand nothing but the best. So come on down and indulge yourself - you won't be disappointed! Embargo Cigar Lounge is a must-visit destination for cigar enthusiasts in Phoenix. From the sumptuous setting to the exquisite selection of fine tobacco, everything about this place exudes luxury and refinement. For anyone who loves a good smoke, Embargo is simply unbeatable.

Written by Thomas Sigaro. The Cigar Connoisseur.

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