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Legislation To Impose A Premium Cigar Tax In New Hampshire Has Failed

The state of New Hampshire has a strong reputation for being business-friendly, especially when it comes to the tobacco industry. However, a recent bill that would have increased the taxes on premium cigars has been defeated, much to the delight of cigar enthusiasts across the state. The bill, which was proposed in the House of Representatives, aimed to increase the taxes on premium cigars from 65 cents to $2.52 per cigar, effectively tripling the tax rate.

Among the opponents of the bill were the state's cigar retailers and wholesalers, who claimed that the increased tax would have a devastating impact on their businesses. They argued that the higher tax would lead to a decrease in sales and ultimately result in the closure of many small businesses. Cigar lovers also came out in opposition to the bill, citing the high cost of premium cigars and the fact that they are typically enjoyed by adults in moderation.

Supporters of the bill argued that the revenue generated from the higher tax would be used to fund healthcare and other important programs in the state. They also pointed to the fact that New Hampshire currently has one of the lowest cigar taxes in the country, with neighboring states like Massachusetts and Maine having significantly higher tax rates. However, opponents of the bill pushed back, arguing that the state should not balance its budget on the backs of small business owners and cigar enthusiasts.

In the end, the bill was defeated by a vote of 265-81, with a strong showing of support from both sides of the aisle. The defeat of the bill is a huge victory for the state's cigar industry, which employs a significant number of people and contributes to the state's economy. The result was also hailed by cigar lovers across the state, who see it as a reflection of the state's commitment to individual freedom and personal responsibility.

The cigar industry remains an important part of New Hampshire's business landscape, and the defeat of this bill is a testament to the resilience of the industry and its supporters. While it remains to be seen whether similar bills will be proposed in the future, for now, cigar enthusiasts across the state can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy their favorite cigars without fear of a significant uptick in taxes.

Written by Thomas Sigaro. The Cigar Connoisseur.

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